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unit2 legislative

legislative branch

how old do you have to be to be in the House of Representatives? 25 years old
how many members are ALWAYS going to be in the HoR? 435. number never changes!
what are the requirements to be in the Senate? 30 years old, citizen for 9 years, resident of the state that you will be representing.
how long are the terms in the senate? 6 years
how many representative are in each state regardless of size? 2 representatives
what are the benefits, in terms of salary, of the house AND senate? they both choose their own salaries. but the salary increase doesn't come in until the election after next. and then if people see that you have a crazy salary jump they might not vote for you.
what are the other benefits of being in the senate or house? you get allowance for business trips tax breaks for owning two residences you also have an available retirement plan also call a pension.
members of congress can not be sued for what charge during a session? libel: lies or harmful sayings towards someones or a body of peoples character.
members of congress have immunity from arrest in cases not including felony and/or treason. True or False? True.
how much of the congress is made up of lawyers? about 1/2
minorities are starting to grow in the congress vs. older aged white men. T or F? true.
new people usually get voted in to congress. False. the people that congress members are familiar with are the people that usually get voted back in.
who makes the laws for each house for conducting business? themselves.
most work in the congress is carried out how? committees
what powers do the speaker of the house hold? leader of the majority party and influence over the members in the congress.
what powers do the floor leaders have? party leaders, they schedule the work of the houses, which means they just plan when and where the discussions take place.
what are the party whips' jobs? they help out the floor leaders by support.
members in the house must attend floor sessions to vote on legislation. true
all laws begin as articles. T or F False. they begin as bills.
Does the senate have more or less rules? less. they have less people as well
what is the vice presidents role in the senate? he is leader of the senate.
Created by: zackarypaul