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Science Cards

the scientific study of the earth and the universe earth science
the study of the ocean oceanography
the study of the origin,processes,and structure of the solid earth geology
the study of the earths atmosphere meteorology
the study of the universebeyond earth astronomy
the study of the ways in which humans interact with the enviroment enviromental science
the study of past and present climates climatology
the study of the properties,distribution,use,adn circulation of the water on earth hydrology
the branch of the geology that studies the movement of the subsurface water through rocks and the effect of moving water on rocks,including their erosion hydrogeology
the process of obtaining info by using the senses observation
an idea or explantation that is based on observations and that can be tested hypothesis
a problem to be tested or solved through an experiment question
factors that can be changed by the person performing the expirement independent variable
variables that change as a result of a change in the independent variables dependent variable
a group that serves as a standard of comparison with another group to which the control group as identical expect for one factor control group
an eperiment that contains a control group controlled experiment
the decisionor answer to the question,based on data or observations conclusion
how close a measurment is to the true value of the thing beign measured accuracy
the exactness of the measurement precision
an expresion of the amount of imprecision or variation ina set of measurement error
a description,represintation,or imitation of an object,system,process,or concept model
verbal or graphical models that represent how a system works or is organized conceptual model
mathematical equations tha repersent a way a system or process works mathematic model
the use of a computer to repersent simple processes or complex system computer model
the process in which experts in a given feild examine the results and conclusion ofd a sciencets study before the study is acceped for publiaction peer review
the explanation for some phenomen that is based on observation,experiment,and reasoning. theory
random errors which cause measurments to be too large or too small measurment error
something that is belived to be true without proof assumptions
the distance from end to end length
the amount of space occupied by an object volume
a measurment of the force of gravity pulling on an object mass weight
the amount of matter in a substance mass
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