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OB-nur test 2

Postpartum, FHM, Family Planning

Montevideo units calculate what? the strength of uterine contraction internally
During labor, when is a woman allowed to ambulate? in first stage of labor, if they are engaged and membranes are ruptured, or if the membranes are NOT ruptured.
When is a woman not allowed to ambulate? if the membranes are ruptured but the baby isn't engaged, cannot ambulate to prevent cord prolapse
Breathing techniques used during labor Early stages: rhythmic breaking-in through nose, out through mouth. Later stages: Hee Hee Hoos
Pain Management for first stage labor: Relaxation techniques (massage), guided imagery, counter pressure, moaning
What is the Friedman curve? a graph curve that shows what a normal progression is for multi/primigravida
During what labor stage does the woman have the most control of the labor? During the 2nd stage.
Preparation for delivery: prepare instrument table, adequate lighting, O2 and suctioning, radiant warmer, blankets, ID for newborn, Pitocin available, positioning of mother for birth, Protective equipment, cleansing of perineum
what is oligohydramnios too little fluid
What are causes of fetal tachycardia? maternal fever, intrauterine infection, baby is anemic (Rh), medications (terbutalyne), fetal hypoxia, fetal maturity, maternal anxiety, epidurals can cause maternal fevers
what are causes of fetal bradycardia? hypoxia (late sign!), medications (narcotics), maternal hypotension, prolapsed or compressed umbilical cord, arrhythmias, epidural
Absent variability is .. amplitude of baseline is undetectable
Minimal variability is.. amplitude of baseline is between 0-5 bpm
Moderate variability is.. amplitude of baseline is between 6-25 bpm
Marked variability is.. greater than 25 bpm
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