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CCS Latin 1 C17

CCS Latin 1 Ch. 17 vocab

usque ad all the way up to, until
discere to learn
docēre to teach
scīre to know
nescīre to not know, to be ignorant
doctus -a -um learned, educated
indoctus -a -um uneducated
piger -ra -rum lazy
prudēns prudent- smart, prudent
industrius -a -um hard-working
quisque (and how it changes) each (quemque, etc_
postremō finally
dīc! say! speak!
tollere to raise, lift
septuāgintā 70
octogintā 80
sedecim 16
septendecim 17
duodēvigintī 18
vigintī 20
trigintā 30
quadragintā 40
quinquāgintā 50
sexagintā 60
rēctus -a -um right, correct
reponsum answer
perversus -a -um wrong, incorrect
ending -ē -ly
laudāre to praise
facilis -e easy
cogitāre to think, use one's brain
reprehendere to scold
numquam never
ending -or I am being verbed by
ending -ris you are being verbed by
difficilis -e difficult, hard
saepe often
ending -mur we are being verbed by
ending -minī ya'll are being verbed by
quamquam although, even though
absēns (absent-) absent
oportet it is necessary, one should...
computāre to add
certus -a -um sure, certain
incertus -a -um unsure, uncertain
posse to be able (infinitive of potest)
tot so many, that many
Created by: CCSLatinOne