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Lesson 7-8

Vocabulary from Latin and Greek roots

Ante Before
antebellum of a period before war, especially the American Civil War
antecedent 1. A thing or event that precedes 2. The noun which a pronoun refers
anterior coming before in position or time
avant-garde ahead of times, especially in the arts
vanguard 1. the foremost position especially of an army or fleet
Pre before
precept a command; a rule of conduct
predestination the belief that what happens in human life has already been determined by some higher power
preempt, pre-empt to take possession of something before anyone else can do so
premonition a warning in advance
preposterous absurd; contrary to nature or reason
pretenious showy; pompous; claiming unjustified distinction
primus first
premier first in time or importance
primate 1. an archbishop who ranks highest among others
prime first in rank, excellence, quality, importance, or time
primeval belonging to the first ages; ancient
primordial primeval; original; fundamental
post after
posterior situated behind or at the back
posterity 1. future generations 2. a persons descendants
posthumous occurring or continuing after death, especially work published after the author's death or a child born after the father's death
Created by: Marigny