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The human body 1

Anatomy test chapter 1

Epithelial Covering or lining of tissue
Connective Joins,stores, and supports
Muscle Internal and External
Nerve Conducts electrical signals
Skeletal system functions Framework and support Protection Storage Axial and appendicular Skeleton Bone Structure Joints and ligaments
Muscle System Movement warmth Posture
Circulatory system Transports nutrients,gases,wastes,water and hormones and also distributes heat
Structure of Circulatory System Heart Vessels Blood Lymphatic system Lymph nodes Immune Response
Immune system Nonspecific defense response Skin and mucus membrane Inflammatory response Temperature Protein White blood cells
Human Respiratory system Respiration is gas exchange between an organism and the environment
Respiratory structure Nose,Pharynx.larynx,trachea,bronchi,bronchi oles and alveoli
Digestive System Breakdown of nutrients to a level that can be used by cells of the body
Digestive Structure GI Tract( math,pharynx,esophagus,stomach,small intestine,large intestine)
Excretory system The removal of metablic wastes from the body including toxic chemicals,excess water,carbon dixoide and salt
Excretory organs Skin lungs kidneys urinary bladder rectum
Endocrine System consists of ductless glands that produce hormones including the hypothalamus,pituitary,pineal,thyroid,parathyroid,thymus,adrenal,pancreas,ovary,testes
Nervous System Control and coordinates functions through out the body
Integumentary system Skin,hair,and nails
Organism Denotes a living thing
Cells The smallest "living" unit of structure and function in the body
tissue Many similar cells that act together to perform a common function
organ a group of several different kinds of tissues arranged to perform a special function
systems The most complex unit that make up the body
Homeostasis Tendency of the body to maintain a stable,balance internal environment. Accomplished through self regulating adjustments
Anatomy study of the structure of an organism and the relationships of its part
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