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1st&2nd Cong. Verbs

Narro (1)-are, -avi, -atum: to tell, report
Oro (1) to plead, beg
Nego (1) to deny, say that...not
dubito (1) to doubt
nuntio (1) to announce, report
puto (1) to think, suppose
appello (1) to call, name
spero (1) to hope
vito (1) to avoid
rogo (1) to ask
impero (1) to command
curo (1)to care for,take care
oppugno (1)to attack,assault
praesto -are,praestiti,praestitum:excel,supply
miror -ari,miratus sum:to admire, wonder
arbitror -ari,arbitratus sum:to judge, think
conor -ari,conatus sum:to try
hortor -ari,hortatus sum:to encourage
misceo -ere,miscui,mixtum:to mix
placeo -ere,placui,placitum:be pleasing to
noceo -ere,nocui,nocitum:to harm
soleo -ere,solitus sum:to be accustomed
prohibeo -ere,prohibui,prohibitum:keep (back)
contineo -ere,continui,contentum:hold together,keep
pareo -ere,parui:to obey
pateo -ere,patui:to lie open,be accessible
studeo -ere,studui:be eager for
careo -ere,carui,cariturus:lack,be free from
respondeo -ere,respondi,responsum:answer
iubeo -ere,iussi,iussum:order
rideo -ere,risi,risum:laugh
persuadeo -ere,persuasi,persuasum:persuade
licet -ere,licuit:it is permitted
fateor -eri,fassum sum:confess
Created by: KPepple