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CCS Latin 1 C13

CCS Vocabulary for Chapter 13 Lingua Latina

annus year
duodecim 12
mēnsis (pl, gen) month (mēnsēs, M)
ūndecim 11
ending –issimus –a –um -est, most, very
vel or (connecting equals)
trēcentī –ae –a 300
sexāgintā 60
diēs (pl, gen) day (diēs, M)
saeculum century
tempus (pl, gen) time or season (tempora, N)
ducentī –ae –a 200
māne (in the) morning (indeclinable)
postrēmus –a –um last
vesper (pl, gen, declension?) evening (vesperī, M, 2)
nox (pl, gen) night (noctēs, F)
initium beginning, start
hōra hour
dīmidius –a –um half
sextus –a –um 6th
duodecimus –a –um 12th
merīdiēs (pl, gen) noon (merīdiēs, M)
nōmināre to name, call
aequus –a –um equal
luna moon
stēlla star
lūx (pl, gen) light (lūcēs, F)
igitur (always 2nd in sentence) so, therefore
clārus –a –um bright, clear
illustrāre to light up
obscurus –a –um dark
aestās (pl, gen) summer (aesātēs, F)
hiems (pl, gen) winter (hiemēs, F)
vēr (pl, gen) spring (vēra, N)
autumnus fall
dīcitur is called
incipere (congugation) to start (3-i)
calidus –a –um hot
frīgidus –a –um cold
imber (stem, gen) rain (imbr-, M)
nix snow(nivēs, F)
dē (case?) down from (ABL)
operīre to cover
novus –a –um new
nonus –a –um 9th
Quando? When?
nunc now
Kalendae (pl) 1st day of month (Kalends)
erat was (used to be)
erant were (used to be)
tunc (back) then (at that time)
item also, likewise
quintus –a –um 5th
sextus –a –um 6th
septimus –a –um 7th
octāvus –a –um 8th
decimus –a –um 10th
dea goddess
exiguus –a –um tiny, slivery
trēdecim 13
quattuordecim 14
quīndecim 15
sēdecim 16
septeNdecim 17
duodēvīgintī 18
undēvīgintī 19
vīgintī 20
trīgintā 30
quadrāgintā 40
quīnquāgintā 50
Created by: CCSLatinOne



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