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Law Q3 final


when a funeral director has a dead human body in his care he is properly termed a custodian
when a funeral director has the personal effects of a dead body in his possession he is properly termed bailee
a personal representivive of the decedent appointed by the COURT to carry out the previsions of the will is called administrator
a personal representative of the decedent appointed by the WILL to carry out the provisions of the will is called executor
a written disposition of property, real or personal to take effect at the death of an individual is called will
when a person dies without a will, he is said to die intestate
an addition or modification to a will is known as a condicil
the filing and proving of the will following death is called probate
a will written entirely by the testator with his own hand holographic will
a proportional reduction of a legacy when the funds or assets out of which such legacy are payable are not sufficient to pay it in full abatement
the condition of an estate of a deceased person which is unable to pay the debts of the decedent and or the estate is referred to as being insolvent estate
when the physical possession of a dead body lies with a funeral director but a certain other funeral director has control of the ultimate disposition, this relationship is referred to as constructive possession
the disinterment of a dead human body is accomplished by court order through the coroner or presiding judge
formal enactments of laws created by the legislature are called statutes or statutory law
the laws which are enacted and form the body of statutory law derive their validity and authority from police power of the legislature
mortuary law is that body of law concerning matters arising from the disposition of a dead human body
a dead body ceases to be a dead body when it is completely disintegrated
a valid reason to disinter a body would be cemetery is abandoned
the following generally is not liable for the funeral bill the executor or administrator of the estate
in determining reasonableness of a funeral bill the following items have been held to be allowable transportation charges
a mortician who has a dead body physically within his possession is entitled to custody as against all people except the person who lawfully exercising the right of disposal
a funeral director who provides a hearse and limousine for the conveyance of a body and mourners is a private carrier
where a decedent expresses conflicting wishes reguarding his disposal is is in his ______ wish that is given the most consideration Final
a dead human body is classified as quasi property
custody of the body and right to superintend the funeral are the right given to the party with the right of disposition
the body of a dead human being deprived of life and not entirely disinegrated is the definition of a dead human body
in determining the reasonableness of a funeral bill which of the following should be taken into consideration the size of the estate
Created by: amyziolkowski