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BJU Cul Geog. 1

BJU Cultural Geography 9th grade

Copernicus Argued for the idea that the sun, not the earth is the center of the universe.
Eratosthenes A Greek mathmetician who became the first great geographer and calculated the circumference of the world.
Hipparchus A Greek philosopher who developed a grid to make it easier to locate places on a map.
Mercator A Flemish mapmaker whose map, which became the standard of the time, allowed sailors to plot their courses in a straight line.
Ptolemy The most famous Roman geographer who promoted the idea that the earth is the center of the universe.
Contour Lines What separate colors on a relief map
Equator Divides the earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres
gores Paper strips that make up a globe
great circle An imaginary line that cuts the earth into 2 hemispheres
Latitude Distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees
Longitude Distance east or west of the prime meridian measured in degrees
meridian Line of longitude
parallel Line of latitude
geocentric "earth centered"
Name the 2 main branches of geography physical geography and human geography
Imaginary lines running north and south around the world parallels of latitude
Imaginary lines running east and west around the world meridians of longitude
verbal directions (not using map) mental map
political map map that shows national boundaries, capitals and major cities
legend box that explains what various symbols on a map stand for
basic tool of geography map
topography detailed land features(mountains hills, elevations, rivers, swamps etc.)
cartography art of map making
Degrees points on a map referring to feet
seconds sixty subdivisions between each line of latitude
distortion occurs in flat maps
map projection method used to show the earth's round surface on a flat map
name 4 types of map projections Mercator's, conic, azimuthal, Robinson's
physical map shows mountains, rivers, lakes elevation and other natural features
scale calibrated marks that indicate distance
Identify all items in the mnemonic device "Mr.Lip" Movement, Region, Location, Interaction, Place
Created by: donnas7kids