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s.s. section2 unit1

study stacks for lesson 2 unit one for ms lannerts class

What is the name for a local form of language that differs from the same language dialect
what is the way of life for a group of people that share the same beliefs, customs, and language culture
River valley civilizations spread knowledge and skills through__________ and ___________ war and trade
what are three fossil fuels coal, oil, and natural gas
what warms the water and the wind the sun
climate is determined by movement of water currents, latitude, and_______________ air
cities with cement and buildings make it ________ warmer
what does pollution cause Global warming
culture shares a way of _____________ life
what does religion do helps people answer simple problems about their lifes meaning
the things that reflects peoples culture are what they wear, how the build traditional homes, and what they eat_______________________________ and how they eat it
forms of government are democracy, dictatorship, and __________ monarchy
wys to study culture are, social groups, languages, religion, daily life, history, arts, government and_ economy
what ways are cultures expressed art
what has religious beliefs caused conflicts and struggles
1700-1800 industrial revolution
recently info revolution
Created by: maggie101