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criminal Investigations

what criminal investigation is? the process of discovering, collecting, preparing, identifying and presenting evidence to determine what happened and who is responsible
what are the major goals of criminal investigations? determine whether a crime has bee committed. legally obtain information and evidence to identify the responsible person. arrest the suspect. recover stolen property. present the best possible case to the prosecutor.
what basic functions investigators perform provide emergency assistance. secure the crime scene. photograph,videotape, sketch. take notes and write reports. search for,obtain and process physical evidence. obtain information from witnesses and suspects obtain information from witnesses and su
what do effective investigators do? obtain and retain important information.apply technical knowledge. remain open-minded.objective and logical.skilled in interacting across gender, ethic.
what characteristics are important to investigators? effective investigators are physically fit and have good vision and hearing.emotionally balanced, detached inquisitive, suspecting, discerning, self-disciplined and persevering.
who usually arrives at the crime scene first? the initial response is usually by a patrol officer assigned to the area where a crime has occurred.
what should be done initially? handle emergencies first, secure the scene and investigate.
what to do if the suspect is still at the scene? has recently fled the scene? any suspect at the scene should be detained, questioned and then released or arrested, depending on circumstances. officers obtain a descriptions of the suspect any vehicle, direction of travel and any items taken. the info is dispatched to headquarters i
how the crime scene and evidence are protected and for how long? all necessary measures to secure the crime scene must be taken-including locking, roping, barricading and guarding. until the investigation is completed.
what responsibilities are included in the preliminary investigation? Questioning victims, witnesses and suspects. Conducting a neighborhood canvas. Measuring, photographing, videotaping and sketching the scene. Searching for evidence. Identifying, collecting, examining and processing physical evidence. Recording all stat
what the meaning and importance of res gestae staements are? are spontaneous statements made at the time of the crime concerning and closely related to actions involved in the crime. They are often considered more truthful than later, planned responses.
How to determined whether a crime has been committed? involes knowing the elements of each major offense and the evidense that supports them and ascertaining whether they are present. Officers also try to determine when they occurred.
Who is responsible for solving crimes? lies with all police personnel. It must be a cooperative, coordinated departmental effort.
With whom investigators must relate? interrelate with uniformed patrol officers, dispatchers, the prosecutor's staff, the defense counsel, supervisors,physicians, the coroner or medical examiner, laboratories and citizens, including witnesses and victims.
How to avoid civil lawsuits? Effective policies and procedures clearly communicated to all. Thorough and continuous training. Proper supervision and discipline. Accurate, thorough police reports.
what notes are important in an investigation? investigative notes are a permanent record of the facts of a case to be used in the further investigation, in writing reports and in prosecuting the case.
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