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August 23


morxist communism never existed in fullest state, no private property, no institutions, belongs to everyone
socialism government controls means of production and removes economic discrimination, no restrictions
modern liberal don't need many rules, starting industrial revolution, women could work-long hoursm dangerous, laws-government protects individuals
libertarian government that governs least governs best, popular from 1700-1900, farming community
moderate center
conservative same as before...
nationalism see yourself through the nation's state, you see the country as your family, military, army
racism one characteristic of being a human, if you have it you are good, if not you are bad, difference between nationalism and racism is violence, causes harm
fascism specific form of racism, deals with countries-heritage, needs a leader, kill a leader-movement dies, give yourself to government
Pan Mousellini, owe alligence to county your heritage is not the country you are born in, focus on mother country
GOP grand old party, republican
Uniformity give up your identity, identity is in the group
Created by: tiffbug524