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August 24


strict father conservative
nurturing parent liberal
traditional conservative
world is harmful conservative
tough love conservative
success is measuered in $ conservative
can be religious conservative
competition conservative
social conservatives death penalty, against abortion
fiscal stop spending $, gov. stay out of business
backbone conservative
heritage conservative
lower taxes conservative
get a job conservative
empathy compassion liberal
rationality liberal
treat child like an adult liberal
no harm! liberal
entilements $ to help people in need
discrimination work against it liberal
ecology liberal
welfare liberal
internationalism liberal
fufill your dreams liberal
national government protects rights liberal
church if you want liberal
human rights liberal
social responisbility liberal
free expression liberal
wants war conservative
against change conservative
seeks change liberal
wants war conservative
seeks peace liberal
prison is punishment conservative
prisons rehibilitate liberal
agaist env. laws because of property rights conservative
environment is Important liberal
patriotism conservative
want gov. out of life in economics conservative
Created by: tiffbug524