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its flashcards

1.The scientific method is an orderly way of finding the answer to a problem.
2.What is the best way to show the data tha you have collected? use a chart,graph or diagram.
3.What were some of the controlled variables in the "Come Fly With Me Expierment"? We controlled the folding,the measuring,the throwing,and the location.
4.What was the Manipulated variable in the "Come Fly with Me Expierment"? We manipulated the type of paper.
5.When you conduct an expierment you are actully testing out if your blank is correct hypothesis
List the steps to the scientific method in order 6.Problem 7.Hypothesis 8.Materials 9.Procedures 10.Observations 11.Conclusion
12.There are tables turned over and papers on the floor. Observations (o)
13.There may have been an earthquake. Inference (i)
14.I have an upset stomach. Observations (o)
15.My throat hurts. Observations (o)
16.I have a 102 fever. Observations (o)
17.I think I have the flu. Inference (i)
18.Kilogram kg
19.Meter m
20.Gram g
21.Milliliter mL
22.Millimeter mm
23.Liter L
24.Kilometer km
25.Centimeter cm
26.Milligram mg
27.Measure the length of the line in centimeters. 6.4cm
28.Measure the length of the line in centimeters. 3cm
29.What is the volume of the graduated cylinder? 43mL
30.Write the steps of the ladder method from largest place vaule to smallest place value. Kilo-1000,Hecta-100,Deca-10(Basic Unit meters,grams,liters)Deci-0.1, Centi-0.01,Milli-0.001
31.4000mg= 4g
32.16cm= 160mm
33.109g= .109kg
34.8L= 8,000 mL
35.5km= 5,000m
36.305m= .305
37.What is the formula for volume? Length times Width times Height
38.Caculate the volume of the rectangular prism. 4x3=12x6=72 72 cm3
39.What is the formula to calculate density? Density=Mass/Volume
40.What is the density of water? 1g/cm3
41.If the mass of an object is 8 and the volume is 4,what is the objects density? D=8/4 D=2 g/cm3
42.Will this particular object float in water? it won't because the object is denser than water
Created by: cameron1