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Atoms& Periodic T

3 Subatomic Particle Protons,Neutrons, and Electrons
Location for protons In the Nucleus
Location for Neutrons In the Nuclues
Location for Electrons Outside of the Nucleus
Protons Charge Positive
Neutrons Charge No charge
Electrons Charge Negative
Protons, neutrons, and electrons mass Protons- 1 amu neutrons-1amu electrons- very small small
Why do Electrons form a cloud ? They Never stay in one spot, move everywhere quickly
What is the Atomic number of an atom? The number of protons in the nucleus
what is the atomic mass in an atom The total number of protons and neutrons in the nuclues
How do we figure out the number of electrons in an atom electrons- same as atomic # Protons-atomic # Neutrons- atomic # minus atomic mass
Why do we measure the atomic mass of an atom in amu? what does amu stand for? atomic mass unit. to small to measure with everyday untis
how many electrons does it take to equal the mass of one proton? 2,000
What are the Valence Electrons Electrons most loosely held outside of the shell
how many valence electrons can fit in the 1st 2nd and 3rd energy levels of an atom? 1st shell-2second shell- 8 and 3rd shell- 8
Which Model of the atom was the first one? Dalton
which model of the atom came next Thompson
Which model was the first to have a nucleus Nagaoka
Which model of the atom showed electrons in energy levels surronding the nucleus Bohr
Which model showed electrons moving arounds the nucleus so fast its impossible to determine where the electron is at any given time? Modern Model
Many Properties of the atom and therefore the element depend on the number of _____ it has. Valence Electrons
Electron dot structures show only the _____ electrons in an atom Valence
Can be observed with out changing the substance into something else Physical Properties
Can only be observed when a substance interacts with another substance Chemical Properties
How did Mendeleev arrange the elements on the periodic table Increasing the Atomic Number
Which has more properties in common, elements in a group or elements in a period Group/ Family
How is helium different than the other elements in group 18? Has only 2 valence electrons
Most on the elements on the periodic table are___ which are located to the __ of the zig-zag line. The _____ are located to the right of the zig-zag line. Right along the Zig-Zag line are the ______ which have properties of both metals and non metals Metals, Left. Nonmentals, Right. Metalloids
5 properties of Metals Give up Electrons in Chemical Reaction Malleable cluctile good conducter of heat and electricty some attracted to magnets
5 properties of Non Metals Dull, not shiny crumble easily not good conducters of heat,& electricity Not attracted to Magnets Share or gain Electrons
Created by: kiersten42