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Stack #456748

scientific method

The scientific method is an ordly way of finding the answer to a problem
What is the best way to show the data that you have collected charts, graphs, diagrams
What were some of the controlled variable in the "Come Fly with Me Experiment" Thower, location, folding, measuring
What was the manipulated variable in the "Come Fly with Me Experiment" The type of paper
When you conduct and experiment, you are actually testing to find out if your __________ is correct hypothesis
List the steps to scientifc method in order: 1.Problem 2. Hypothesis 3.materials 4.procedure/experiment 5.obervations 6.conclusion
There are tables turned over and papers on the floor. O
There may have been an earthquake I
I have an upset stomach O
My throat hurts O
I have 102 fever. O
I think I have the flu I
Kilogram Kg
Meter M
Gram g
Milliliter mL
Millimeter mm
liter L
Kilometer Km
Centimeter cm
Milligram mg
King kilo 1,000
Henry hecto 100
dosent deka 10
usely grams letters meter basic unit
drink desi .1
Chocalote cinnti .01
milk milli .001
What is the formul to calculate volume LxWxH
Waht is the formula to calculate density Density=mass/volume
Will the particular object is float in water more dense
Created by: jazzbritt