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emt root words a-c

Stack #45635

abdomino belly or abdominal wall
acou to hear
acq water
acro extreme ends of a part
aden gland
adip soft gat of animals
alb white
alg pain
all other or diffrent
anc bend or hollow
ang bend or hollow
ank bend or hollow
andr male
angi blood vessel
arter artery
arth joint
artic joint
asphyxia unconsciousness due to suffocation
asth short drawn breath
asthenia weakness
aud to hear
aur to hear
aus to hear
bio life
brachy short
brachi arm
bucc cheek
burs pouch or sac
caes cut
cis cut
call hard thick skin
calx heel
calca heel
can malignant tumor
caput head
capitis head
carc cancer
card heart
cardia heart
carpus wrist
caus to burn
caut to burn
celi hollow or cavity esp in the abdomen
centesis puncture of a cavity
ceph head
cerv neck
chol bile
chond cartilage
chrom color
cil hairlike process
cleid clavicle
coll gelatin or neck
cond knuckle
core pupil
cori skin
corp the body
cry cold
cubitus elbow
cuss shake violently
cyan blue
cyc circle
cyst bladder or cyst
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