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Zoology Quiz 3

Lesson 3 Quiz

What is a plantigrade? A plantigrade is an animal that walks on the ENTIRE bottom of their foot.
What is the tenderest body part of a bear? Its nose.
Bears eat mostly.... Plants
A fed bear is a ______________ bear. Dead
What is dormancy? When an animal takes a long nap.
What are ways to tell the brown bear from the black bear. 1. Brown bears have a large hump above their shoulders. 2. Brown bears have a dip between the eyes and the snout. 3. Black bears have larger and less furry ears. 4. Black bears have a straight profile.
Is a raccoon or skunk more likely to have rabies? Raccoon
A polar bear's skin is what color? Black
How is a panda's wrist different from a brown bear's wrist? Panda's have an opposable thumb.
The Latin word "mephit" means: Foul odor
Sea Otters have webbed feet and __________________. Retractable claws
What does "retractable claws" mean? The animal is able to pull its claws in and out.
Which otter can grow to be 6 feet long? Giant otter
What kind of bear was the inspiration for the original teddy bear? American black bear
If you see this kind of bear you should play dead. Grizzly bear
What is hibernation? It is when an animal's breathing slows down a lot and its body temperature lowers to the point where it is almost the same temperature as the surrounding air.
Can an animal in a true state of hibernation be easily awakened? No
Created by: elizabethzoology