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intro A&P Lab


Forms back of the skull and surrounds spinal cord Occipital
Large bones forming top of skull Parietal
Forms anterior portion of floor cranium,roof of nasal cavity,and part of nasal septum ethmoid
Portion of rear eye orbit and part of floor cranium Sphenoid
Smaller bones forming the sides of the skull Temporal
Cheek Bones Zygoma
one or two openings in the mandible Mental Foramen
opening where spinal cord enters cranium Foramen magnum
Opening where ear canal enters through temporal bone External Auditory meatus
Lower jaw,lower teeth Mandible
Forms the Forehead Frontal
the upper jaw and teeth maxilla
Forms posterior portion of hard palate Palatine
Vertebrocostal Ribs 8,9,10
Vertebrosternal Ribs 1-7 attached to sternum
Vertebral Ribs 11th and 12th
First two Cervical vertebra Atlas, Axis
3 bones that make up Os Coxa Ilium, Ischium, Pubis
Appendicular Skeleton Pectoral girdle,bones of the arms and hand, pelvic girdle, bones of the feet and legs
Axial Skelton Skull,ventebral column, thoracic cage
Cervical Vertebrae (7) Superior seven vertebra of column
Axis Second cervical vertebra. extending through atlas
Atlas top "ring shaped" cervical vertebrae
Osteon the functional unit of compact bone
Lamella (rings) little plates
Canliculi lash-like
Distal Epiphysis spongy bone
Diaphysis compact bone
Femur looks like a hammer
Radius circle on proximal end
Ulna has a U shape at proximal end
Created by: Maegan1986