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Government 9-22-10


Name the four essential features of a state. Population, Area with boundaries, sovereignty, and government.
What are the origins of state? Evolved from family group. Came from one person or a group who used force. mandate of heaven. People gave government the power.
What are the purposes of government? Maintain order. Provide services for the people. Protect people from attack. Pass laws that shape and control the economy.
What are the two government systems? Unitary system and Federal system.
What is a unitary system? all the power goes to the national government.
What is a federal system? power is divided between national and state government.
What is the constitution? A plan that provides the rules for government.
What are politics? The effort to control what government does.
What are the three types of government? Autocracy, oligarchy, democracy.
What is autocracy? dictatorship
What is oligarchy? communism
What is democracy? people hold the power.
What is capitalism? individual economic choice
Who wrote the theory of capitalism/ Adam Smith
What is socialism? Government owns basic means of production.
What is the Magna Carta? Idea of limited government.
When the second congress met what did they establish? Government and started the revolution.
Who wrote the declaration of independence? Thomas Jefferson.
What was the name of the United States first government? Articles of Confederation.
How many votes did each state have under the AOC? One
What was wrong with the AOC? No executive branch and no courts.
What happened after the Shay's rebellion? Government met in philly to revise the AOC.
What did the Virgina plan want? A strong executive branch, national judiciary, and a two house legislature.
What did the New Jersey plan want? Weak executive branch, elect official by congress not common man, and one house legislature.
What did the Connecticut compromise establish? Two house legislature, house of representatives, and two senates from each state.
What was the 3/5ths compromise? How to count the slaves.
What was the commerce and slave trade compromise? Slave trade could continue, congress could not tax exports.
How many years are in one presidential term? four
What is the electoral college? The number of congress members per state is that states number of electoral votes.
Who was for the constitution? Federalist
Who was against the constitution? Anti-Federalist
What did the federalist have to do to get the anti-federalist to ratify the constitution? Make a Bill of Rights
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