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Perseus Week 4

Perseus Vocab (Episodes 5-8)

certus, -a, -um certain, fixed, appointed
paro (1) to make ready, prepare
fatum, -i, nt. fate
deploro (1) to weep for, lament, bemoan
exspecto (1) to look for, wait for, await, expect
accurro/accurrere/accurri/accursus to run up to, hasten to
expono/exponere/exposui/expositus to relate, tell
gero/gerere/gessi/gestus to bear, carry; to wage (war); to wear (clothing)
fremitus, -us, m. a humming, a rushing noise, a loud noise
conspicio/conspicere/conspexi/conspectus to catch sight of
celeritas, celeritatis, f. speed, quickness, swiftness, celerity
contendo/contendere/contendi/contentus to strive toward, to hasten toward
sto/stare/steti/status to stand
impetus, -us, m. a swift movement
collum, -i, nt. neck
vulnus, vulneris, nt. wound
mora, -ae, f. delay
sanguis, sanguinis, f. blood
belua, -ae, f. beast, monster
vulnero (1) to wound, injure
res, rei, f, thing, matter, affair, business [This word has MANY possible meanings. You must look at the context to decide which works best!]
verto/vertere/verti/versus to turn
inspicio/inspicere/inspexi/inspectus to examine, inspect, look into
excito (1) to awaken, arouse
occido/occidere/occidi/occisus to kill, slaughter
saevus -a, -um savage, fierce, cruel
cotidie (adv.) daily, every day; usually
pavor pavoris, m. fear, panic
formosus -a, -um beautiful, pretty
civis, civis, m/f citizen
extraho/extrahere/extraxi/extractus to pull, drag out, extract
iubeo/iubere/iussi/iussus to order, command
mare, maris, nt. sea, ocean
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