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Science Safety rules

Conduct yourself in a responsibe manner at all times in lab Misbehavoir, jokes. rough play and abusing lsb equiptment are dangerous and prohibited.
Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully read procedures carefully and be prepared to work. if you do no understand ask a teacher. beware of safety symbols. do not mix checimals or preform a task not written in the procedure.
unauthorized experiments are prohibited students my not enter the lab or preform experiments without the teacher present
do not eat, drink or chew gum in lab do not use lab glassware to store food or drinks
safety goggles must be worn at all times there are no exceptions. use with checimals, heat, or glassware
observe good housekeeping skills aisle must be kept clear.students are responsible for cleaing there glassware at the end of every experiment
personal safety keep hands away from face, eyes, mouth and body. wash your hand with soap and water
clothing long hair, dangling jewerly snf baggy clothes are hazardous
experiments must be monitored at all times students will remain at their lab stations and attend to their experiment
first aid equiptment know the location and operation of all safety gear
report accidents and injuries report all cuts, burns, spills, breakages ect to the teacher. if checimal splashes on your skin in in eyes flush with water
fire drills turn off all gas valves,electrical equiptment,close checimal container
checimal handling guidelines do not touch taste or inhale checimals.wafting must be used. add acid to water. never mix checimals in sink drains
heating substances tie back hair, roll up sleeves and never reach across an open flame.keep books papers and other flammable objects away from flames. do not heat closed containers. never leave a lit burner unattended.use tongs,testtube holders gloves
handling glassware use only clean and dry glassware. never use cracked or broken glass
Electrical equiptment do not use damaged electrical cords.grasp the plug. hands must be dry
at the end of the lab: turn off gas/electrical wash glassware, put away materials, clean work area and wash hands.
Created by: amanda2992