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Obstetric Emerg

Chapter 20

Abortion The delivery of the fetus and placenta before 20 weeks; miscarriage.
Amniotic sac The fluid-filled, baglike membrane in which the fetus develops.
Apgar Score A scoring system for assessing the status of a newborn that assigns a number value to each of five areas of assessment.
Birth Canal The vagina and cervix
Bloody show A small amount of blood at the vagina that appears at the beginning of labor and may include a plug of pink-tinged mucus that is discharged when the cervix begins to dilate.
Breech presentation A delivery in which the buttocks come out first.
Cervix The lower third, or neck, of the uterus.
Crowning The appearance of the infant's head at the vaginal opening during labor.
Eclampsia Seizure (convulsions) resulting from severe hypertension in a pregnant woman.
Ectopic pregnancy A pregnancy that develops outside the uterus, typically in a fallopian tube.
Fetal alcohol syndrome A condition of infant who are born to alcoholic mothers; characterized by physical and mental retardation and a variety of congenital abnormalities.
Fetus the developing, unborn infant inside the uterus.
gestational diabetes diabetes that develops during pregnancy in women who did not have diabetes before pregnancy.
limb presentation a delivery in which the presenting part is a single arm leg, or foot.
Meconium a dark green material in the amniotic fluid that can indicate disease in the newborn; econium can be aspirated into the infants lungs during delivery; the baby's first bowel movement.
Miscarriage The delivery of the fetus and placenta before 20 weeks; spontaneous abortion.
Multigravida A woman who had had previous pregnancies.
Multipara A woman who has had more than one live birth.
Nuchal cord An umbilical cord that is wrapped around the infant's neck.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease An infection of the fallopian tubes and the surrounding tissues of the pelvis
Perineum the area of skin between the vagina and the anus
Placenta The tissue attached to the uterine wall that nourishes the fetus through the umbilical cord.
Placenta abruptio A premature separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus.
Placenta previa A condition in which the placenta develops over and covers the cervix.
Preclampsia A condition of late pregnancy that involves headache, visual changes, and swelling of the hands and feet; also called pregnancy-induced hypertension
Pregnancy-induced hypertension A condition of late pregnancy that involves headache, visual changes, and swelling of the hands and feet; also called preeclampsia
Presentation The position in which infant is born; the part of the infant that appears first.
Primigravida A woman who experiencing her first pregnancy.
Primipara A woman who has had one live birth.
Prolapse of the umbilical cord A situation in which the umbilical cord comes out of the vagina before the infant.
Spina bifida A developmental defect in which a portion of the spinal cord or meninges may protrude outside of the vertebrae and possibly even outside of the body, usually at the lower third of the spine in the lumbar area.
Supine hypotensive syndrome Low blood pressure resulting from compression of the inferior vena cava by the weight of the pregnant uterus when the mother is supine
Umbilical cord The conduit connecting mother to infant via the placenta; contains two arteries in one vein.
Uterus The muscular organ where the fetus grows, also called the womb; responsible for contractions during labor.
Vagina The outermost cavity of a woman's reproductive system; the lower part of the birth canal.
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