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Thomas Quiz 1

Scientific Method, measurement and Characteristics of Life

What is a prediction of what will occur in an experiment? hypothesis
What is exactly what you see? Observation
What is the interpritation, or explination of what you see? Inference
What type of reproduction requires 2 parents? sexual
What type of reproduction requires 1 parent? Asexual
What type of organisms have only 1 cell? unicellular
What type of organism has more than 1 cell? multicellular
What term means "maintaining a stable internal (inside) environment?" Homeostasis
What terms means: The sound, thing, or situation that makes an organism respond with a behavior (ex. it gets very cold/seasons change) Stimulus
What term means: What is done in responce to a stimulus Ex. a bear hibernating Behavior
Changes that help an organism survive. Ex. Camoflauge, talons, herding. Adaptation
What is the first step in the scientific method? State the problem
What is the second step in the scientific methos? Form a hypothesis?
What comes after "form a hypothesis" in the scientific method? Set up the experiment
What comes after "set up the experiment" in the scientific method? Record and analyze data
What comes after "recod and analyze data" in the scientific method? Draw a conclusion
What comes after "draw a conclusion" in the scientific method? Repeat the experiment to ensure sucessful
What is the lowest part of the liquid in the graduated cylinder Meniscus
All living things are made of_____________ Cells
All living things need to __________________ reproduce
all living things have a universal _____________ code genetic
all living things _____________ an develop grow
All living thnigs use materials and ______________. Energy
All living things _________________ to thier environment. respond
All lving things maintain a stable internal environment called ___________________. homeostasis
GROUPS of organisms change over time. They develop things that help them survive called ______________ adaptations
Created by: kthomas