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Stack #452729

Unit1 Science Vocab - Mrs. Rudy

Outer layer of the earth crust
mountain built by melted rock that erupt volcano
organisms of just one cell single-celled
simple, single-celled organisms; first living things on earth bacteria
small animal with hard outer shell, 3 body parts, 6 legs insect
cold-blooded animal with a backbone and smooth, moist skin amphibian
cold-blooded animal with backbone and scales reptile
to change slowly over a very long period of time evolve
giant continent that existed 300 million years ago Pangaea
land-dwelling reptile that was on the Earth over 200 million years ago dinosaur
large landmass on the Earth's surface. There are 7. continent
large pieces of rock that make up the Earth's crust plates
shaking of the Earth's surface because of stress deep underground earthquake
small piece of rock or metal that speeds through space and crashes into the Earth's surface meteorite
to die out completely extinct
layer of the Earth surrounding the core mantle
solid center of the Earth made of a very hot, solid metal core
clue from the remains of living things from long ago fossil
Created by: dmd1120