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health science

assault a threat or an attempt to injure another person in an illegal manner
battery unlawful touching of another person without consent with or with out injury
Breach breaking the law, an obligation, or the terms of contract
civil law defines the legal relationships between individuals
common law unwritten law, customs that may have authority or have been established by prior court dissension
conduct behavior or persons actions
consent permission granted by a person voluntarily in sound mind; written consent is most easily proved
Crime performing an act that is forbidden or omitting a duty required by public law making the offender liable for the action
criminal law defines the legal obligation between an individual and the state or society
custom an accepted behavior or common practice
duty of care by law health care workers must perform services in a manner
ethics standards of behavior and practice that are established by a professional organization for its member
felony a serious crime for which the penalty for imprisonment for more than one year
ideal standard of protection and excellence
illegal restraint holding or detaining against his or hers will
invasion of privacy unlawful making known to the public to the public any private or personal information without the consent of the wronged person
liable legally responsible for own actions
libel communicating something untruthful and harmful about another person in writing
licensure authorization by the state to perform the functions of an occupation for which educational and examination standards are specified
litigation a lawsuit or legal action
malpractice bad or harmful practice that injures a another person
misdemeanors crimes that are less serious than felonies and result in imprisonment for less than 1 year
negligence failure to perform duties in a reasonable and customary way
privileged communication personal or private information relating to the care given by health care personnel
reasonable care services given in a manner appropriate to the level of education and experience of the health care worker
slander verbally communicating something untruthful and harmful about another person
statutory law law established by the legislative branch of government that determines what is legal
tort civil wrong
unethical action that does not represent ideal behavior but may not be illegal
value system ideals and thought that determines what is considered worthwhile or meaningful, right or wrong
Will written document that allows a person to distribute property after death
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