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Latin Vocab Ch.10-15

interea meanwhile
gero, gerere to wear
iubeo, iubere to order
alius -a -um other, another
pono, ponere put, place
liberi, -orum children
ipse him/her/itself
sto, stare to stand
incito, incitare to egg on
dico, dicere to say
duco, ducere to lead
facio, facere to make/do
absum, abesse to be away
quamquam although
impedio, impedire to hinder
porta, -ae gate
frater, fratris, m. brother
soror, sororis, f. sister
filius, fili, m. son
flia, filiae, f. daughter
invenio, invenire to come
bonus -a -um good
fossa, fossae f. ditch
canis, canis(gen. pl, canium), m/f dog
cum when
fluvius, i m. river
pastor, -is, m. shepherd
voco, vocare to call
ripa, ripae, f. bank (river)
mirus -a -um wonderful
tibi to/for you
ostendo, ostendere to show
geminus, -i, m. twin
alo, alere to nourish
diligenter carefully
lambo, lambare to lick
noster, nostra, nostrum our/ours
velut just as
debeo, debere to owe, to ought
iter, n journey
volo, velle to wish/want
quiesci, quiescere to rest
auriga, -ae m. charioteer
preaclarius -a -um distinguished
a/ab with abl. (away) from
quam how/than
ferociter fiercely
cave, cavete beware
vito, vitare to avoid
concido, concidere to fall down
cuncti -ae -a all
incolumnis safe/unhurt
gaudo, gaudere to rejoice
cesso, cessare to be idle
frustra in vain
haereo, haerere to stick
culpa, ae, f. fault
interpello, interpellare to interrupt
cellerime most quickly
periculum, - n. danger
ars, artis, f. skill
ago, agere to do/drive
-ne ?
expecto, expectare to wait
diu for a long time
rota, -ae, f. wheel
procul far off
nubes, nubis, f. cloud
pulvis, pulveris, m. dust
onus, oneris, n. burden, load
tardus, -a -um slow
preaterea beside
bos, bovis, m/f ox
fortasse perhaps
tantum only
preatereo, preaterire to go past
tempus, temporis, n. time
nomen, nominis, n. name
Created by: Rachaellynne