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5th Geo States 1

NE & Mid-Atlantic

region an area of land whose parts have one or more common characteristics
landform a feature of the earth’s surface created by nature
climate the pattern of weather in a place over a long period of time; average precipitation and temperature; climate is affected by elevation, distance from the ocean, and latitude
tropical climates rainy most, or all, of the year; hot all year
dry climates dry most, or all, of the year; hot summers, cold to warm winters
mild climates wet in winter or all year; warm to hot summers, cool winters
continental climates wet summers; warm to hot summers, cold winters
highland climates vary greatly with elevation
polar climates dry all year; cool to very cold all year
Borders of the United States Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes,Canada, Mexico
Capital - August State - Maine
Capitol - Boston State - Massachusetts
Capitol - Concord State - New Hampshire
Capitol - Hartford State - Connecticut
Capitol - Montpelier State - Vermont
Capitol - Providence State - Rhode Island
Geographical Features of New England Appalachian Mountains, Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, Massachusetts Bay
mountain range a group or chain of mountains
lake a large inland body of fresh or salt water
New England's Climate continental climate;wet summers; warm to hot summers, cold winters
Capitol - Albany State - New York
Capitol - Annapolis State - Maryland
Capitol - Dover State - Delaware
Capitol - Harrisburg State - Pennsylvania
Capitol - Trenton State - New Jersey
Geographical Features of the Mid-Atlantic Appalachian Mountains,Adirondack Mountains, Finger Lakes, Great Lakes (Lake Erie & Lake Ontario), Niagara Falls, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, Delaware River, Hudson River, Susquehanna River, Atlantic Ocean
Climate of the Mid-Atlantic continental in the north – wet summers; warm to hot summers, cold winters and mild in the south – wet in winter or all year; warm to hot summers, cool winters
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