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Allergic reactions

Chapter 16

Allergen A substance that causes an allergic reaction
Allergic reaction The body's exaggerated immune response to an internal or surface agent.
Anaphylaxis An extreme, possibly life-threatening systemic allergic reaction that may include shock and respiratory failure.
Envenomation The act of injecting venom
Epinephrine A substance produced by the body (commonly called adrenaline), and a drug produced by pharmaceutical companies that increases pulse rate and blood pressure; the drug of choice for an anaphylactic reaction
Histamines Substance released by the immune system in allergic reactions that are responsible for many of the symptoms of anaphylaxis.
Leukotrienes Chemical substances that contribute to anaphylaxis; released by the immune system in allergic reactions.
Stridor A harsh, high-pitched respiratory sound,, generally heard during inspiration, that is caused by partial blockage or narrowing of the upper airway.
Toxin A poison or harmful substance
Urticaria Small spots of generalized itching and or burning that appear as multiple raised areas on the skin; hives
Wheal A raised, swollen, well-defined area on the skin resulting from an insect bite or allergic reaction.
Wheezing A high-pitched, whistling breath sound, usually caused by a constriction of the smaller tubes of the lungs and typically heard on expiration.
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