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Unit 1 Lessons 1-2

Vocabulary from Unit 1 Lessons 1-2

history the study of people and events of the past
historian a person who studies the past
primary source firsthand information about an event, a place, or a time period
secondary source records of an event written by someone who was not there at the time
chronological order puting events in the sequence in which they occurred
timeline a diagram that shows the order in which events happened
land bridge dry land that appeared between Asia and Alaska during the Ice Age
immigrant a person who moves to one country from another
colony a group of people who settle in a distant land, but are ruled by their homeland
Constitution the document that is the basis for the United States government
plantation a large farm on which crops are raised by workers who live on the farm
geography the study of people, places, and the environment
environment the land, water, climate, plants, and animals of an area; surroundings
spatial where a place is located and its physical relationship to other places, people and environments
absolute location an exact or specific description of where a place is located, often expressed usint latitude and longitude
relative location a general description of where a place lies, often expressed relative to another place
place the human and phusical features of a specific location that make it unique
region areas that share common physical or human characteristics
latitude the distance north or south of the equator
longitude the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
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