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WAI - Lesson 1

Vocabulary g 10

Aperture n a small opening (small usually)
Arid adj very dry; having little or no rain./ uninteresting; unsatisfying
Comely adj. pleasant to look at; attractive
Dearth n. scarcity or lack
Dexterity n. skill with one's hands
Dispel v make a doubt, feeling, or belief disappear.
Expel v force or drive out (physically).
Ferment v a chemical change in sugar to alcohol / to agitate (disorder). Can be positive or negative
Foment v instigate or stir up (revolution or strife) always negative
Fraught adj filled with something undesirable. (burdensome)
Frugal adj sparing or economical as regards money or food.
Imminent adj about to happen.
Incessant adj continuing without pause or interruption.
Recourse n a source of help in a difficult situation.
Recur v occur again.
Rigours n demanding, difficult, or extreme conditions.
Stagnant adj ( water or air) motionless and often having an unpleasant smell.
Swarthy adj dark-complexioned.
Verdure n green vegetation
Vigilance n keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
Created by: AAS