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Pediatric Reflexes

TONIC NECK REFLEX Resembles the stance of a fencer. It is elicited when the head of a relaxed child, lying on his back, is rotated to the side. The arm toward which the infant is facing extends straight away from the body with the hand partially open, while the arm on the
GRASP REFLEX Is elicited by placing a finger on the infant's open palm. The hand will close around the finger. Attempting to remove the finger causes the grip to tighten.
Plantar Reflex Babinski Sign. Stroking the lateral aspect of the plantar surface of the foot is extension of the great toe and fanning of the other toes. If the stimulus is brought across the ball of the foot then a grasp reflex will be elicited.
Rooting The baby should have a strong coordinated suck reflex with good stripping action of the tongue. There should be resistance to pulling out the pacifier. A root reflex is obtained by gently stroking the cheek towards the lips. The baby should open the mouth
MORO RESPONSE Is elicited by placing an infant on his back. Support the upper body weight of the supine infant by the arms then release the arms suddenly. The infant responds by throwing the arms outward, clenching the fist, appearing startled.
PARACHUTE REFLEX Occurs in the slightly older infant, and is elicited by holding the child upright then rotating the body quickly face forward (as if falling). The arms are reflexively extended as if to break a fall even though this reflex appears long before walking.
Stepping/Walking Most parents are surprised by this reflex. If you hold your baby under his arms, support his head, and allow his feet to touch a flat surface, he will appear to take steps and walk. This reflex usually disappears by 2-3 months, until it reappears as he le
Landau Is an important postural reflex and should develop by 4 to 5 months of age. When the infant is suspended by the examiner’s hand in the prone position, the head will extend above the plane of the trunk. The trunk is straight and the legs are extended so th
When is the Babinski sign present? Babinski sign is present and is considered a normal finding until 1 year of age
Raking objects are raked into the palm with the fingers
When is raking present 6-7 months
Pincer Grasp This enables an infant to pick up a small object between the distal thumb and index finger.
At what age is the princer grasp present? 10-12 months
Head Lag Starting in the supine position, the baby is pulled by the arms to the sitting position.The head and the arms are observed during the maneuver. The head may lag behind the trunk, but should not be fully flexed backwards.
When is head lag present? It is present in a newborn
How long can you palpate the posterior fontenelles? cannot be palpated after six weeks
anterior fontanelle Closure occurs between 10 and 20 months.
Created by: lknightly