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vocab all with stars

all the chapters with stars next to the words

despised scorned or hated
primly very fussy about one's appearance and behavior
hypocritical pretending to have qualitits orvirturs that one does not really have
pandemonium wild uproar
proverbial reseinbling a proverb aand commonly spoken
conspicuous easily seen attracting or attention
repulsive causing disgust
conceited having ti high of an opinion of oneself
abruptly sudden
consolation the state of feeling of being in high spirrits
ominously protending evil or harm
stronghold fortress
consolidated brought together into a single hole
lolling hang loossely, droop move in a lazy manner
speculation thoughts or geusses about something
surplus amount more then is requuired or necessary
dumdfouned to cause to become speachless
exile to force to leave one's country or home
reluctant showing doubt or willingness
complacent satisfied with one's self
obliged to earn gratitude of someone
conspiring plot,to agree to do an unlawfull act
repent to feel sorry for onne's sin and make up one's mind to do what's right
idly have no work not beeing used having no worth
doused to plunge a liquid to put out to extinguish
relentlessly not lessening in haeshness or sternness
chaos confusion or disorder
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