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JS2203 Quiz 1

Writing System, Phonology

Voiced Bilabial Stop [b]
Voiceless Bilabial Fricative [ɸ]
Voiceless Alveo-palatal Fricative [š]
Voiceless Alveolar Fricative [s]
Voiceless Alveo-palatal Affricate [č]
Voiced Alveolar Affricate [ǰ]
Voiceless Alveolar Affricate [ts]
Voiced Alveolar Affricate [dz]
Voiceless Alveolar Stop [t]
Voiced Alveolar Stop [d]
Voiceless Glottal Fricative [h]
(Voiced) Bilabial Nasal [m]
Voiceless Bilabial Stop [p]
(Voiced) Velar Nasal [ŋ]
(Voiced) Alveolar Nasal [n]
Voiceless Palatal Fricative [ç]
Voiceless Velar Stop [k]
Voiced Velar Stop [g]
(Voiced) High Back Vowel [u]
(Voiced) Mid Back Vowel [o]
(Voiced) High Front Vowel [i]
(Voiced) Mid Front Vowel [e]
(Voiced) Low Central Vowel [a]
Place of Articulation How and where the air stream is constricted.
Manner of Articulation How the vocal tract is constricted.
Voicing The vocal chords are either vibrating or not.
(Voiced) Palatal Glide (semi-vowel) [y]
(Voiced) Velar Glide (semi-vowel) [w]
Voiced Alveolar Liquid (Flap) [ɾ]
Voiced Alveo-palatal Affricate [ǰ]
Voiced Alveolar Fricative [z]
Voiced Alveo-palatal Fricative [ž]
(Voiced) Uvular Nasal [N]
Palatalization Cy
Geminate (Long Consonant) C: or QC e.g. sak:a or saQka
Rules Alveolar Alternations s -> š / ___ i t -> č / ___ i j -> ǰ / ___ i j -> ǰ / ___ i t -> ts / ___ u
Rules Devoicing V[+high] -> V. / C ___ C [-voice] {[-voice]} #
Rules Nasal Assimilation n -> m / ___ C (bilabial) n -> ŋ / ___ C (velar) n -> N / ___ C (uvular) n -> nasal / ___ C [@ place] [@ place]
Rules h ɸ ç Alternations h -> ç / ___ i h -> ɸ / ___ u
Rules Verb Conjugation r -> t / ___ + ta b -> n / ___ + ta t -> d / n + ___ m -> n / ___ + ta t -> d / n + ___ k -> i / ___ + ta
Syllable Onset + Nucleus + Coda
Japanese Speech Errors 1a) Substitution mo O taabaiku -> mo I taabaiku 1b) Transposition kaNkeI kanzen -> kaIkeN kanzen 1c) Blend tomare sutoppu -> tomappu
Japanese Speech Errors 2 2) Long vowels can split into two components 3) Long consonants can split into two parts 4) Vowels can be replaced by consonants, and vice versa
Created by: puchirin