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Lesson 4 Quiz


What do cats depend on to help them survive? their claws
What kind of cats are black panthers? leopards
List 3 of the 5 different types or subspecies of tigers. Bengal, Siberian,Indochinese,South China, Sumatran
Why are some of the big cats endangered? many times they are hunted for their pelts, but many times they are hunted merely because they are dangerous
What do cats have that allow them most of the time to land on their feet and squeeze into tight areas? flexible skeletons
Why don't cheetah's have retractible claws? Cheetahs live on the open plains with gazelles, one of the fastest animals in the world! in order for them to have dinner they had to be able to run fast and having extended claws gave them more traction and also made them more able to survive
A cat's "extra" sense is.... his whiskers
Which large cat has the worst reputation for man eating? Bengal tiger
What is the lions social group called? a pride
Where are the cat's scent glands located ? on its cheeks, forehead, sides, tail, and paws
What is the one animal that can kill a tiger? crocodile
How can you identify a cheetah? by the black tear stains that goes from their eyes to their mouth
What has god given to the Canada lynx that helps him in the snow? large furry paws and legs that are shorter in the front than the back.
Why do lions hate the spotted hyena? because it preys on their cubs
Which 3 species of wild cats inhabit North America? Canada Lynx, bobcat and cougar
Which large cat is strong enough to bring down a grown elephant? Tiger
The hyena's face is like that of a ____________ but it purrs like a __________. dog, cat
What are the 4 species of hyenas? spotted, brown, striped, and aardwolf
Created by: kjproverbs356