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Vergil Vocab

Latin 4- Vergil translation

agmen battle line
alius other
amor love
aliquis another, some
altus high, tall, deep
animus spirit, mind
arma weapons
aura breeze
arx citadel
ara alter
aurum gold
caelum sky
circum around
coniunx spouse
caput head
corpus body
de from about
dexter right
dictum speech, the word
dido, didonis trick
divus divine
do give
domus house
duco lead
dum while
eo, ire go
fama rumor, report
fatum fat
fero carry
flamma flame
for speak
gens race, family
hostis enemy
ignis burn
ingens huge
inter between
iubeo order
Iuno, Iunonis Juno
lacrima tear
latus side
limen threshhold
litus shore
locus place
longus long
manus hand
medius middle
mens mind
miser sad, poor
moena wall
natus son
ne lest, nor
noster our
nox night
nunc now
o oh
oculus eye
omnis all
ora shore
oro, orare beg
os, oris mouth
pars part
pater father
pectus chest
per through
peto seek
possum able
premo press
Priamus King Priam
primus first
refero refer, report, say
regina queen
regnum kingdom
res work, deed
rex king
sanguis blood
sequor follow
sic thus
socius alli
soror sister
sto stand
sum to be
suus he, she, it
tandem finally
tantus so much
tectum roof, house
telum weapon
teneo hold
terra land
teucri Trojans
tot so many
totus whole, all
troia Troy
umbra shade
unda wave, water
unus one
urbs city
ut so that, too
ventus wind
via road, way
video see
vir man
vis, vivis strength
voco turn
volvo turn
vox voice
vulnus wound
Created by: gmnst5000



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