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Basic Mkting 5,6,7,8

what dimensions are relevant in segmenting the market? demographic, psychographic, behavioral and others
how concentrated the population is in a particular area population density
movement of people from rural areas into more industrialized urban areas urbanization
believe the customers should be the focus of all business and market activity target marketers
widely used measure of national income that is the total market value of all goods and serivces provided in a country's economy in a year by both residnets and nonresidents of that county gross domestic product GDP
income that is adjusted to take out the effects of inflation on purchasing power real income
what is left of disposable income after paying for necessities discretionary income
people who know all the facts and logically compare choices to get the greatest satisfaction from spending their time and money economic buyers
concerned with making the best use of a consumer's time and money, as the consumer judges it economic needs
economy of purchase or use economic need
efficiency in operation or use economic need
improvement of earnings economic need
convenience economic need
basic forces that movitvate a person to do something needs
"needs" that are learned during a person's life wants
strong stimulus that encourages action to reduce needs drive
concerned with biological needs, food liquid, rest and sex phsiological needs
concerned with love friendship status and esteem, things that invovle a person's interaction with others social needs
concerned with protectio and physical well being, health, security medicine and excercise saftey needs
concerned with an individual's need for personal satisfaction, self esteem, accomplishment, fun freedom and relaxation personal needs
how we gather and interpret information for the world around us perception
a change in a person'sthought processes caused by prior experience learning
an effort to satisfy a drive response
of the learning process occurs when the response is follwed by satisfaction, that is, reduction in the drive reinforcement
person's point of view toward something attitude
a person's opinion about something belief
an outcome or event that a person anticipates or looks forward to expectation
group of peopel who have approximately equal social position as viewed by others in the society social class
people to whom an individual looks when forming attitudes about a praticular topic reference group
person who influences others opinion leader
whole set of beliefs, attitudes and ways of doing things of reasonable homogeneous set of people culture
when they put much effort into deciding how to satisfy a need extensive problem solving
used by consumbers when some effort is required in deciding the best way to satisfy a need limited problem solving
when he or she regularly selects a particular of satisfying a need when it occurs routinized response behavior
purchases that have little importance or relevance for the customer low-involvement purchases
felling of uncertainty about whether the correct decision was made dissonance
the steps individuals go thrgouh on the way to accepting or rejecting a new idea adoption process
any buyers who buy for resale or to produce other goods and services business and organizational customers
written or electronic description of what a frim wants to buy purchasing specifications
way for a supplier to document its quality procedures according to internationall recognized standards iso 9000
buying specialist for their employers purchasing managers
several people share in making a purchase decision, perhaps even management multiple buying influence
all the people who participate in or influence a purchase buying center
formal rating of suppliers on all relevant areas of performance vendor analysis
a request to buy something requisition
when an organization has a new need and the buyer wants a great deal of information new task buying
a routine repurchase that may have been made many times before straight rebuy
the in-between process where some review of the buying situation is done, though not as much as in new task buing or as little as in straight rebuys modified rebuy
terms of sale offered by different suppliers in response to the buyers purchase specifications competitive bid
reliably getting products there just before the customer needs them just in time delivery
agreeing to a contract that allows for changes in the purchase arrangements negotiated contract buying
contract with an outside firm to produce goods or services rather than to produce them internally outsource
codes use to id groups of firms in similar lines of business Noth American Industry Clasification System NAICS
a buyer has budget funds that he can spend during the current time period open to buy
independent buying agents who work in central markets for several retailer or wholesaler cusotmers based in outlying areas or other countryies resident buyers
a law passed by the US congress in 1977 that prohibits us firms from paying bribes to foreign officials foreign corrupt practices act
procedures to develp and analyze new information to hlep marketing managers make decisions marketing research
an organized way of continually gathering, accessing and analyzing information that marketing managers need to make decisions marketing inforamtion systm MIS
a place where databases are stored so that they are available where needed data warehouse
system for linking computers within a company intranet
computer program that helps a marketing manager find inofmraiton that is needed search engine
comptuer display of up to the minute data is an easy to read format customized to the manager's area of responsiblity marketing dashboard
statemt of relationships among marketing variables marketing model
a decision making approach hat focuses on being objective and orderly in testing ideas before accpeting them scientific method
educated guesses about the relationships between things or about what will happen in the future hypotheses
5 step application of the scientific method that includes, 1. defining the proble, 2. analyzing the situation, 3. getting problem specific data, 4 interpreting the data and 5. solving the problem marketing research process
an informal study of what information is already available in the problem area situation analysis
information that has been collected or published already secondary data
information specifically collected to solve a current problem primary data
a plan that specifies what marketing research information will be obtained and how research proposal
seeks in depth, open ended responses, not yes or no answers qualitative research
an interview of 6 to 10 people in an informal group setting focus group interview
percent of people contacted in a research sample who completed the questionnaire response rate
group of consumers who provide information on a continuing basis consumber panels
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