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Nautical terms FLUSH

aft location that is at, near, or toward the back end of a boat
basin an enclosed or partly enclosed body of water
bilge the curved part of the hull where the side and bottom meet
bow the front of a boat
bucktail an artificial fly used as a fishing boat
capsize to turn bottom-up; overturn (flip over)
cast to throw or hurl (the fishing line or net)
transom one or more pieces of wood that form the back of a boat
capsize shelter where the steering wheel of a boat is kept
tiller a handle or lever that turns the rudder on a boat
channel deeper part of a waterway
cowling a removable metal covering over an engine
dinghy a small boat
gangplank a bridge-like structure used to enter and exit
gill net curtain-like net used to catch fish by the gills
gunwale the top of a boat's side; edge
tarpon a large, powerful fish
head boat's toilet
starboard the right side of a boat
hull lowest part of the boat, which keeps it afloat
jig metal device used to attract fish
johnboat small, light, square-ended boat
manatee (a.k.a. sea cow) an endangered plant-eating aquatic mammal
marina a boat basin with docks
mooring an anchor
mullet a gray, cylindrical fish
outboard a motor found on the outside of a boat
pilchards a small fish related to the herring
port the left side of a boat
seacock valve that opens to let water into a tank or boat
skiff small boat designed for one person (similar to a dinghy, but smaller . . . )
snook fish similar to a bass
Created by: SimardRR