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Ch. 1-2 Test Soc St

What are the 5 Themes of Geography? 1. Location, 2. Place, 3. Movement, 4. Regions, 5. Human-Environment Interaction
What is Location? Location is the position of a place on Earth's surface (one of the 5 themes of geography)
What is Place? Place is the characteristics of a location that make it unique (one of the 5 themes of geography)
What is Movement? Movement is how and why people, ideas, and goods move from place to place (one of the 5 themes of geography)
What is Region? Regions are areas of Earth's surface that have several common characteristics (one of the 5 themes of geography)
What is Human-Environment Interaction? Human-Environment Interaction is how people affect their environment and how the environment affects the people (one of the 5 themes of geography)
What are examples of Human Environment Interaction? bringing irrigation into an area; clearing land for a field for farming
What are examples of Movement? using the Internet to buy a product; fleeing (leaving) an area after a natural disaster
What are examples of Region? areas of desert are found in the Southwest; Islam is the major religion of the Middle East
What are examples of Location? Los Angeles is in California; Hy-Vee is across Barry Road from St. Luke's Hospital
What are examples of Place? kangaroos & koala bears can be found in Australia; any specific characteristics of a location
What are four things that affect climate? 1. Latitude, 2. Elevation, 3. Water, 4. Winds
How do latitude lines affect climate? The Equator gets the most direct rays of the sun, making it very hot (tropical). The farther away from the equator you go, the more indirect the sunlight, which causes a cooler climate
How does elevation affect climate? the higher the elevation, the cooler it will be
How does water affect climate? Water heats up & cools down slowly. Land near water may be cooler during the summer & warmer during the winter than areas at the same latitude.
How do winds affect climate? the movement of the air helps spread the sun's heat more evenly around the globe
How do urban (city) climates differ from rural (countryside) climates? urban climates are hotter than rural cimates because paved roads and stone buildings absorb the sun's heat & release more of the sun's heat energy than areas covered by plants
What are latitude and longitude? Latitude is the distance measured north and south of the EquatorLongitude is the distance measured east & west of the Prime Meridian
What is absolute location? Absolute Location is the exact location of a place (latitude, longitude) - Example - Kansas City, Missouri is at 39 degrees North (latitude) & 95 degrees West (longitude)
What is relative location? Relative Location is where a place is in relationship to another place - Example - St. Joseph is north of Kansas City
Created by: spaethk