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S.S Ch1 and Ch2 Voc.

7th grade for S.S Ch.1 and Ch.2 Vocab. Wood

Tropical zone From 23.5 north to 23.5 south along the equator
Mid-latitude Zone Found in the middle latitdue of the northern and Southern. 23.5 to 60 north and south
Dry Zone dry or partially dry areas that recieve little or no rainfall. Extremely hot during the day and very cold at night
High Latitude Zone Lies mostly in the high latitdues 60 north to the north pole and 60 south pole.Cold
High land zone Where mountains can be found. Cool or cold temperatures year-round
Tundra Vast treeless plains,harsh and dry, and the lower layers of soil is frozen.
Steppe Many deserts surround by partly dry grasslands and prairies. Steppe mean treeless plains. Recieves more rain than a desert.
Tropical Savannah Broad grassland with few trees. Rainfalls in just few months.
Tropical Rainforest Year-round rains,millions kinds of plants and animals life lives there. Tall wood trees are the top layer that makes a canopy.
Humid Continental Winters are long, cold,and snowy. Summer are short. Tree grow there and vast grassland.
Tropical Gets it name from the tropics. Its divide into two parts the Tropical savannah and the Tropical Rainforest. The climate there is warm.
Marine West coast Coastal area that gets winds from the ocean. Winters are rainy and mild. Summer are cool.
Subarctic High latitude near the mid latitude. Few people live there because its very cold and bitter winters.
Ice Capelow Bitterly cold temperatures below freezing. On the polar caps and the great ice sheets.
HighLand Mountains and. cool temperatures
Mediterranean Mid latitude coastal climate.Mild, rainy winters, and short trees.
Desert Area of land that get little or none rainfall.
Created by: DCloud
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