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ISC3 01

宣布 xuan1 bu4 declare; announce
救助 jiu4 zhu4 help sb. in difficulty
贫困 pin2 kun4 poor; impoverished
失学 shi1 xue2 to drop out (school)
成千上万 cheng2 qian1 shang4 wan4 thousands upon thousands
重新 chong2 xin1 again; redo
颤抖 chan4 dou3 quiver; tremble
chai1 tear open
邮包 you2 bao1 postal parcel
meng3 sharp; violent
葵花子 kui2 hua1 zi3 sunflower seeds
sa3 spill
模糊 mo2hu blurred; unclear
轻易 qing1 yi4 lightly; easily
控制 kong4 zhi4 control
niu3 askew
讲述 jiang3 shu4 tell about
遥远 yao2 yuan3 remote (place/time)
山沟 shan1 gou1 mountain areas
恳求 ken3 qiu2 implore
胡同 hu2 tong4 lane; alley
命运 ming4 yun4 destiny; fate
其实 qi2 shi2 actually
贫穷 pin2 qiong2 poor
er2 and
不得不 bu4 de2 bu4 have no choice but to
ping2 based on (sth. +V.)
拒绝 ju4 jue2 refuse
尽管 jin3 guan3 though
感激 gan3 ji1 be thankful
反复 fan3 fu4 repeatedly; relapse
压力 ya1 li4 pressure
gan3 sense (of responsibility)
任何 ren4 he2 any
不安 bu4' an1 uneasy
出事 chu1 shi4 meet with mishap
传达室 chuan2 da2 shi4 reception office
总算 zong3 suan4 finally
pan4 long for
平均 ping2 jun1 average
报答 bao4 da2 repay; requite
红薯 hong2 shu3 sweet potato
向日葵 xiang4 ri4 kui2 sunflower
mo1 feel; stroke; touch
富裕 fu4 yu4 prosperous
打工 da3 gong1 work as a casual labourer
对。。。来说 dui4...lai2 shuo1 (indicates who/what statement is about)
算(是) suan4 (shi4) consider
轻松 qing1 song1 light; relaxed
负担 fu4 dan1 burden; load
无价之宝 wu2 jia4 zhi1 bao3 invaluable asset
心灵 xin1 ling2 heart; soul; spirit
感受 gan3 shou4 feel; experience
人间 ren2 jian1 the world
对得起 dui4 de qi3 not let sb. down
无论 wu2 lun4 no matter what
挫折 cuo4 zhe2 setback; reverse
发布 fa1 bu4 release; publish
Created by: mencius
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