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Nutrition Ch.3

Digestion, Absorption, and Transport

Mechanical Digestion Chewing and breaking the food into smaller pieces by the teeth
Chemical Digestion Starches are broken down by the enzyme Amylase
Bolus Soft lump of food that formed in the mouth and then swallowed
Chyme Creamy paste of food formed in the stomach
Intestinal flora Normal bacteria that live in the intestine , makes some vitamins, compete with and kills harmful bacteria, balance of gram+ and gram- which helps maintain weight
Segmentation The squeezing of intestinal muscles to move the food
Fat absorption Fats are first combined with proteins and absorbed into the lympathic capillaries and then travel to the heart
Main function of the large intestine To absorb water and some minerals
Feces Undigested materials that leaves the large intestine
Hepatic Portal System Vein -> Capillaries -> Vein. The capillaries in the villi evenutally joins and leave the intestine and enters the hepatic portal vein, which then enters the live and branches back into capillaries
Functions of the Liver Detoxifies, Breaks down alcohol and drugs, Makes amino acids, Makes urea (urine), plasma proteins and some fats
Vomiting Peristalsis reverses and the stomach content gets expand upward toward the esophagus and out of the mouth. Constant vomiting causes damage to the esophagus, teeth, mouth, and deplete the body of water. Causes- bacteria, toxins, and stress
Diarrhea Loose watery stool (feces), causes lost of water, Causes- bacteria, toxins, and stress
Constipation Difficult or painful bowel movement, Causes- too little physical activity, too little fiber, stress and irregular eating or sleeping habits
Heartburn Pain in the esophagus due to stomach acid, Causes- overfull stomach, eating too fast, tight clothing, smoking, stress, spices, caffeine, peppers, age, and some medicine
Cause of belching Swallowing too much air
Created by: Futuredoctor09