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ISC2 14

平台 ping2 tai2 Platform
畅所欲言 chang4 suo3 yu4 yan2 Speak their minds
投机 tou2 ji1 Speculation
结怨 jie2 yuan4 Grudges
迷失 mi2 shi1 Lost
何去何从 he2 qu4 he2 cong2 What course to follow
失踪 shi1 zong1 be missing; disappear
夜不归宿 ye4 bu4 gui1 su4 out all night
我行我素 wo3 xing2 wo3 su4 go one's own way
下手 xia4 shou3 start doing sth.
荒废 huang1 fei4 neglect; be out of practice; abandon
快捷 kuai4 jie2 quick; nimble
协同 xie2 tong2 collaboration
主流 zhu3 liu2 mainstream; main aspect
掌握 zhang3 wo4 master; control
精英 jing1 ying1 elite;
随心所欲 sui2 xin1 suo3 yu4 do as one pleases; arbitrary
从业 cong2 ye4 be engaged in; obtain employment
sou1 look for; search
会诊 hui4 zhen3 medical consultation
实惠 shi2 hui4 benefits
升级换代 sheng1 ji2 huan4 dai4 update and upgrade (goods)
即时 ji2 shi2 immediately
象征 xiang4 zheng1 symbol; symbolize
圈子 quan1 zi circle; ring; clique; group
拓宽 tuo4 kuan1 extend; broaden
隐身 yin3 shen1 hide; conceal; stealth
散布 san4 bu4 spread; scatter; diffuse
诈骗 zha4 pian4 fraud; trick into
沉迷 chen2 mi2 indulge; wallow; addicted
虚拟 xu1 ni3 virtual; invented
无所适从 wu2 suo3 shi4 cong2 be at a loss what to do
指标 zhi3 biao1 target; quota; norm
推移 tui1 yi2 elapse (time); pass (situation); develop; evolve
烦躁 fan2 zao4 agitated; irritable
焦虑 jiao1 lv4 agitated; anxious
广阔 guang3 kuo4 Broad
Created by: mencius
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