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ISC2 08

鉴定 jian4 ding4 to appraise
经营 jing1 ying2 to manage
赔偿 pei2 chang2 to compensate
金额 jin1' e2 amount of money
意识 yi4 shi to realize; awareness; consciousness
如愿以偿 ru2 yuan4 yi3 chang2 to achieve what one wishes
索赔 suo3 pei2 ask for compensation
损害 sun3 hai4 to hurt
盈利 ying2 li4 to profit
单纯 dan1 chun2 purely; merely / simple; pure
销售 xiao1 shou4 to sell
刁民 diao1 min2 tricky person
威胁 wei1 xie2 to threaten
伪装 wei3 zhuang1 to feign to be sb. else
难能可贵 nan2 neng2 ke3 gui4 deserving of respect
钻空子 zuan1 kong4 zi to exploit an advantage
发动 fa1 dong4 to arouse; excite / launch; start / turn on
高尚 gao1 shang4 noble
查获 cha2 huo4 to search and seize (contraband)
假冒伪劣 jia3 mao4 wei3 lie4 knock offs; fake; pirate goods
根除 gen1 chu2 to eliminate, up root
以便 yi3 bian4 so that (b/c convenient)
正路 zheng4 lu4 the right way
赶尽杀绝 gan3 jin4 sha1 jue2 to wipe out the whole lot
一味 yi2 wei4 to act without considering the consequences
断绝 duan4 jue2 to cut off
健全 jian4 quan2 perfect; complete; healthy / to perfect (system)
走私 zou3 si1 to smuggle
贩毒 fan4 du2 to traffic narcotics
日益 ri4 yi4 increasingly
深恶痛绝 shen1 wu4 tong4 jue2 to hate deeply
正当 zheng4 dang4 reasonable; legal
处罚 chu3 fa2 to punish (by law)
完善 wan2 shan4 to consummate; perfect (system)
推动 tui1 dong4 to promote (abstract)
家喻户晓 jia1 yu4 hu4 xiao3 known to all
Created by: mencius
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