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Above. "Forehead is ____ to the nose" Superior
Below. "Navel is ____ to the breastbone" Inferior
In front of "Breast bone is ____ to the spine Ventral or Anterior
Behind "Heart is ____ to the breastbone" Dorsal or Posterior
On the inner side Medial
On the outer side Lateral
Closer to the body part Proximal
Farther from the body part Distal
Toward; at body surface superficial or external
away from the body surface deep or internal
Divides the body into left & right parts Sagittal
Divides the body into anterior & posterior parts Frontal
Divides the body into superior & inferior parts Transverse
Anterior body trunk, inferior to ribs Abdominal
Point of shoulder Acromial
Forearm Antebrachial
Anterior surface of elbow Antecubital
Armpit Axillary
Arm Brachial
Cheek area Buccal
Wrist Carpal
Neck region Cervical
Hip Coxal
Leg Crural
Curve of shoulder formed by large muscle Deltoid
Fingers, toes Digital
Thigh Femoral
Lateral part of leg Fibular
Forehead Frontal
Area where thigh meets body trunk; groin Inguinal
Nose area Nasal
Mouth Oral
Eye area Orbital
Anterior knee Patellar
Area overlying the pelvis anteriorly Pelvic
Genital region Pubic
Breastbone area Sternal
Ankle region Tarsal
Chest Thoracic
Navel Umbilical
Heel of foot Calaneal
Head Cephalic
Thigh Femoral
Buttock Gluteal
Area of back between ribs & hips Lumbar
Posterior surface of head Occipital
Posterior surface of elbow Olecranal
Posterior knee area Popliteal
Area between hips Sacral
Shoulder blade region Scalpular
Calf Sural
Area of spine Vertebral
Chondro translates to Cartilage
Corona translates to Crown
Cyto translates to Cell
Epi translates to Above
Gastr translates to Stomach
Histo translates to Tissue
Homeo translates to Similar
Hypo translates to Under
Lumbus translates to Line
Meta translates to Middle/chemical
Ology translates to Study of
Org translates to Living
Para translates to Long side
Parie translates to Wall
Pathy translates to Disease
Peri translates to Around
Stasis translates to Standing still
Tomy translates to Incision
Venter translates to Stomach
Viscus translates to Internal organ
Ana translates to Up
Cata translates to Down
Di translates to Two
En translates to In
Ex translates to Out
Glyco translates to Sugar
Hydr translates to Water
Iso translates to Same
Kin translates to Motion
Lysis translation to Break
Mono translates to One
Poly translates to Many
Syn translates to Together
Tri translates to Three
Rids the body of nitrogen-containing wastes Urinary
Secretes regulate growth, reproduction, metabolism Endocrine
Protects deeper tissue from injury Integumentary
Protects & supports; stores minerals Skeletal
Produces movement, maintains posture & produces heat Muscular
Responds to internal & external change Nervous
Transports materials in body via bloody pumped by heart Cardiovascular
Returns fluid to blood vessels, cleanses the blood Lymphatic
Keeps blood supplied with oxygen, removes carbon dioxide Respiratory
Breaks down food Digestive
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