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Political Science1

Three Enumerated Reasons to Study Politics are... Fragility, Satisfactory, Participation, Accountibility
How is the government fragile? They can't operate without attention. Governments can be broken.
How can we gain satisfication from the government? The government works to help people live well. Governments always have flaws. Some governments can be better than others.
Why should we participate in government? Because the government works for us. If we don't vote and join in making decisions, we can't complain about the place we live in.
Is the government accountable? We seek to blame or hold our government accountable for certain events. Without a government, who could we blame when things go wrong? The government is under the people so we have to know what the government is doing and award to award/punish it.
The study of who wins and loses. Who gets what, when they get it, and how they get it is determines through... Politics
Politics fundamentally involve the alications of... Scarce Resources
What is a scarce resource? Something that we need but is of low supply.
An organization that extends to the entire society and can use force to execute its decisions (some of the people can be punished) is a... Government
What are some things the government can control? Clothing dyes, wheather or not you can sell something for a profit, how much salt or what kinds of oils are to be used in fast foods, etc.
Why do we allow the government to make rules? Because we feel that the governments rules are legitimate. We become comfortable with these rules because we know they are necessary to keep society in order.
What does the government provide? Order, and tranquility. The government solves disputes (political and civil) that we couldn't on our own
Created by: rj138299