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Science 8 Pylmale

Science test about the microscope-1st test

1st U.S. astronaut in space. Alan B. Shepherd
Completed the flow of blood. Maecello Malpighi
Scientific Method. Aristotle
Made the 1st attempt to trace the flow of blood thru the human body.Used a frog with 3 chambered heart. William Harvey
1st U.S. woman astronaut. Dr.sally ride
1st person to walk on the moon. Neal Armstrong
1st U.S. astronaut to orbit the earth. John Glenn
The "heating of liguids"to kill bacteria and germs. Dr.Louis pasteur
The turning of an image upside down. Inversion
What part of the microscope turns the image upside down? Prism
Everything you see under the microscope"Inside the circle" when you look under the ocular lens is called the ____. Field
Step 1 of the scientific method. Define the problem
Step 2 of the scientific method. Collect information on the problem
Step 3 of the scientific method. Form a hypothesis
Step 4 of the scientific method. Test or experiment the hypothesis.
Step 5 of the scientific method. Watch or observe the experiment
Step 6 of the scienific method. Write down the results of experiment
Step 7 of the scientific method. Form conclusion or theory
Name for a single factor that can change the outcome of an experiment. Variable
A ___ is nothing more than a push or pull. Force
Scientific method term that means watching the experiment. Observation
Scientific method term that means,hypothesis proven true(Has Facts to back it up) Theory
Scientific method term that means, educated guess(Statemeant with no facts to back it up) Hyopthesis
Scientific method term that means,hypothesis proven false. Conclusion
Scientific method term that means, written results of experiment. Data
Scientific method term that means,test of a hypothesis(Try it out). Experiment
Created by: caitlynleehenry