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Nutrition Ch.1

Overview of Nutrition

Compounds that are used for energy and building body parts Nutrients
Cannot be made by the body, must be eaten Essential Nutrients
Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water Classes of Nutrients
Break down for energy, release 4 cal/g Carbohydrates
Releases 4 cal/g from what we eat Proteins
Releases 9 cal/g from what we eat Fats
Average amount per day that is enough for most people RDA
Percentage designed for food labels USRDA
Food and Agricultural Organization FAO
World Health Organization WHO
Studies of individuals Case studies
Studies of groups or population Epidemiology
Studies of animals, cells or molecules Laboratory Studies
Individuals that receive a treatment Experimental Group
Individuals that receive a fake treatment or no treatment Control Group
A fake treatment Placebo
Individual do not know whether they are experimental or control Blind Studies
Investors do not know which is experimental or control Double Blind Studies
Published articles that are sent to them by researchers; usually written by M.D. or Ph.D.; require a peer review Professional Journals
Conscious deceit Fraud
Contains all its naturally occurring parts Whole Food
Contains only some of its naturally occurring parts Partitioned Food
Subjected to any procedures during preparation Processed
Contains added nutrients Enriched/ Fortified Food
A nutrient added to the diet at 50% of the RDA or more Supplement
Used daily or frequently Staple Food
Physician induced Iatrogenic
American Dietetic Association, establish food safety ADA
Canadian Dietetic Association CDA
Master of Science; requires approx. 2 years of coursework and research after college MS
Doctorate of Philosophy; requires 4 to 7 years of coursework and research after college plus a comprehensive set of exams PhD
Doctorate of Medicine; requires 4 years of coursework and clinical after college plus a comprehensive set of exams MD
Registered Dietitian; requires completing ADA approved program plus a internship program and national exam RD
Approval by professional organization that are listed with the U.S. Dept. of Education Accreditation
Gives credit or degrees by mail or internet Correspondence School
Sale certificates for a fee Diploma Mills
Belonging to a professional group Registration
Pierces nerves to relive pain Acupuncturist
Manipulate joints to relive pain Chiropractor
Use unconventional method to treat allergies Clinical Ecologists
Administer poisons to build up a tolerance Homeopath
Uses the iris of the eye to diagnosis illness Iridologist
Uses massages to treat illness Naprapath
Uses herbs and organic food to treat illness Naturopath
Uses vitamins to treat mental illness Orthomolecular psychiatrist
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