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Zoology Test 1&2

6th Grade S.A.L.T.

List characteristics of a mammal. Hair, backbone, warm-blooded, breathe air and nurse young
A safari is a journey across a stretch of land usually to _________or __________ wild animals. Hunt or observe
A mammal’s lower jaw is made up of several bones and it only moves up and down. (T or F) False. Mammal's have a lower jaw made of one bone and it moves up & down and side to side.
Getting an animal used to a scientist's presence is called: Habituation
The Spanish word "carne" means: Meat
An illness transmitted between animals and humans is called: Zoonotic disease
Canines walk on their: Toes
The animal that is chased, captured and eaten is called: Prey
Mammals have (4) major kinds of teeth: Incisors, Canines, Premolars and Molars
What are the (3) groups of creatures God created? Wild animals, Livestock and Creatures that move along the ground.
Epidermis is the__________ layer of skin that has _______ on it. outer--- hair
Why do you sweat? To cool off.
A __________ is an animal that chases, captures and eats another animal. Predator
What sense does a dog use the most? Smell
What do we call the male and female leaders of a dog pack? Alpha male and Alpha female
Define digitigrade An animal that walks on its toes.
Why are wolves so rare today? They have been hunted because they are pests for livestock farmers.
Do dogs see in Black and White? No.
What is a meat-eating animal called? Carnivore
What is a plant-eating animal called? Herbivore
Created by: elizabethzoology